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Mission & Story

Richy & Angel 

We're a small low-carbon emission coffee roaster striving to be the lowest carbon foot coffee roaster in the World.


We scaled from backyard roasting using solar energy as the power source for our Behmor 2000 induction roaster. We source from indigenous sustainable farmers directly to ensure the farmers get 100% of their profits.

Why support us?

  1. Climate change is one of the most significant threats facing our planet today. One of the primary causes of climate change is the emission of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. By supporting a low-carbon emission coffee roaster, you're helping to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, which can help mitigate the effects of climate change.

  2. Coffee farming can have a significant impact on the environment, including deforestation, soil degradation, and water pollution. A low-carbon emission coffee roaster is likely to take a more sustainable approach to their operations, using renewable energy sources and minimizing waste, which can help to reduce the impact of coffee production on the environment.

  3.  By choosing to buy coffee from a roaster that prioritizes environmental sustainability, you're sending a message that you care about the planet and want to support companies that share your values. This can help to encourage more companies to adopt sustainable practices, ultimately leading to a more sustainable future for all of us.

  4. Finally, low-carbon emission coffee roasters often prioritize quality in their operations. By using sustainable practices, Lupita’s Organics may be able to produce better quality coffee beans, resulting in a better-tasting cup of coffee for you to enjoy. This can be a win-win situation, where you get to enjoy great coffee while also supporting a more sustainable future.


I started Lupita's Organics LLC as a organic Mexican food catering company but through the pandemic I struggled by not being able to make sales. A year later January 26, 2021 I rebranded the business as a sustainable coffee roaster along with Angel. I am fortunate that I landed a job with a terminal delivering caustic (to waste water plants), bio diesel, and renewable diesel and had a job through 2020. A year later I wanted to get back to my entrepreneurial learning experience (learning from failure & success). I've asked Angel to join me in my passion to roast the most sustainable coffee in the world! I missed working for a previous coffee company who I've worked with over 7 years and I'm very passionate about coffee & quality. I've worked with non-profits in Richmond CA such as YES nature to neighborhood taking folks from my community into the woods and experiencing nature with discovery. I love the outdoors and fresh air so I've created Lupita's Organics LLC to have sustainability as our core values and to evolve as technology evolves. 

Our farmers are important to us because without them I wouldn't be able to offer low pricing to our wholesale accounts and more importantly offer coffee. I travelled all the way to Tusan AZ with plans already written to name my first coffee roast La Esperanza, a name that I and many entrepreneurs have to accept as our whether we say it or keep it to ourselves and that's Hope. As I was turning into the street after 8hrs+ of driving to pick up my first 300lbs of coffee. The name of the street is called La Esperanza. As I was close to tears of joy and relief I said to myself that this is fate.


Jose, my coffee provider had spent the pandemic with his family in Chiapas, Mexico. He then started working with the Cooperative farmers and distributed their coffee in Tusan AZ. is his website to see more info.


We scaled to roasting our coffee at CoRo using the Loring Falcon 15kg roaster that use 10X less than traditional coffee roasters. It uses heat  to circulate around the drum to use less gas to heat the beans. Less gas will result in lower emission.