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Supporting sustainable indigenous farmers in Chiapas, Mexico

Bean Impact

Coffee Drinkers meet your Coffee Farmers.
Beany makes supporting coffee farmers fast, easy, and direct. Through our marketplace, you get delicious coffee from amazing roasters and send tips to the farmers.
Coffee Farmers put in a lot of work to get their coffee ready for export. Many times, the price paid to the farmer is not enough to cover their costs of production let alone improvements in quality of life. That's why we developed a tip the coffee farmer program where you can have an impact and send direct support to the farmers via Beany. Be the impact, support today.cafeteros
Our farmers partner with roasters who care about quality coffee and the farmers. When a bag of coffee is purchased via our marketplace, roasters, coffee drinkers, and farmers stay connected.
Farmers, Roasters, Coffee Drinkers. There is much work that goes into crafting your coffee. From the farmers who harvest and process it, to the importer, and the Roasters who create the final product you enjoy. When you purchase through Beany, you have a direct impact on the folks who produce your coffee.

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